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Christmas League 2018 - 2019

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Members of our Active school committee were busy today giving out our new slogan posters. Watch out for them around the school :)

Well done to sixth class pupils who won our Active School slogan competition! 

Our new slogan for Active Schools is:

Being active is great - 
Let's increase our heart rate! 

Image result for heart running clipart

Internet Safety Information For Parents
For more information on internet safety click the links below or go to http://www.webwise.ie/. Follow Webwise on twitter @Webwise_Ireland for constant updates. 

Links for Teachers:


Golden Time
Teachers are using Golden Time to help students to reach their goal of 60 minutes of activity a day. 

Active Idea’s Box
The Active School Committee invite the children and parents to suggest ideas to make our school a more active place. We have placed a decorated idea’s box inside the front door of the school. Please feel free to share your ideas. :) 

Active Breaks on Rainy Days
On rainy days where children cannot go outside to play we have become a lot more active. Our sixth class students spent time with Ms O Donoghue learning new skills and games to help the other classes in the school to participate in Active Breaks. We started this when we applied for our first Active Flag and it has continued since. We have a timetable so that each team in sixth class know which classroom they are going to. Each group take a booklet of ideas with them and choose activities suitable to the group.